Blessing Blockers

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Sorry For The Waiting, I Was Called Up To Help Crossover Some Kids From Syria, Besides That, Kudza Is Still a Little Pissed “Cause He Can’t Fly Or Set Things On Fire With Is Brain” How Can You Sit Down And Clap, While Those Who Have Bombed The Area, Just Left Million In #InexplicablePain. I Guess That You Can’t Get Mad At Them Because You Understand, Everyone’s Reasons For Doing Everything? You Didn’t Make The Cut For National Geographic Auditions Mast Be a #HardThing, The Revolution Did Happen, Just Not On The Way I Think It Would, Words Go Deeper Than Most People Care To Read, #IWishYouCould! Kudza You Have a Good Heart But You Gotta Stop Watering Dead Plants, Even The People Who Betrayed Us Are #PartOfThePlan, I Keep It Real Cause I’m Not Afraid To Make Enemies, I Ain’t Gonna Snake Dance With You, Rule Number 1- Fuck What They Think That’s My Remedy, “Wake Up Peter Pan” Grown Men Pissing Their Panties, Trying To Raise Themselves Above The Bullshit Like, I Just Gonna Smoke This Candy And Adopt a Family Of Chimpanzees! Kudza- Dude, You Accidentally Made 2 Words Rhyme, Now You Are a Rapper? Nevermind #kudzaIsaPanzer, I Have Been Carrying My Old Decision In My Backpacker A Little Advice! Go For The Money, Not For The Friends And You Will Achieve #HappinessFaster If Is That You Are After.

“Intelligence Always Had a Pornographic Influence On Me” Maya Angelou

Tomorrow Is Forever Gone, Yesterday Was Good But #ShitStillTheSame, I’m Out There In Need Of What You Have To Sell, Begin Whit Your Name #CanYouTell? Kudza- She Reached The Border Of My Personal Hot Crazy Scale, Kedson- Shut Up Bro, You Should Be Disappearing From My Conversation Trail, I Have a Crush On So Many Things That #Aren’tHuman, For Now I Can Only Reach My Great Great Grandmother´s Mother´s Mom’s, #SuperBlackWoman Following The Movements Of My Moving Consciousness Shifting To Your-Niverse I See Myself Has a Cosmic Detective, Meant To Cross The Milky Way To Report You This Black Verse, God Didn’t Give Us Life Just To Work And Pay Our Accounts, I Threw Away Some Dots Cause They #Weren’tConnecting The Framework Seems Real And They Are Given Virtual Discounts, The Bills Collectors Always Calling For Collecting, If They Act Like They Can Live Without You…Help Them Do It, Keep On Trying And Me On Neglecting.

“Don´t Study Me. You Won’t Graduate Me”

Kudza Told Me That He Only Asks For You, Kedson- We Got The Seven Balls Gonna Spill All #3WishesOnYou, Every Time That Death Oversleep´s, That´s More Extra Taxes On You, #ExtraLoveForYou, Stop Rethinking Before You Do It, Everything You Feel Just Do It, Look Outside The Planet Is Having Flat Heart Attacks, I Hear better On The Dark Side Of The City Nights, Cause I Was Permitted To #BreatheLightIntoIt, Old Memories Crying Out, Like They Want To Get Out, This Is Her Playground, So She Thinks That All The Toys Are Hers To Play, Reality And Fantasy Don’t Play In The Same #ParallelInterspace, I’ve Come To Bargain, My Love Is At First Place, Kudza You Better Open a Line Of Credit If You Want To Afford To Hate, Kedson- Nah I Just Gonna Power Flyte Intel I Reach My Spectrum Memory Trace, Is Way Easier To Beg For Money Then For Forgiveness, If Life Is a Mental Problem You Have To #CheckInYouIllness, The Reborn Process Only Takes 9 months Then You Can Return To Your Common Business, Felling a New Spiritual Pure Soul Inside Your Body, Can Bring You The Reverse Effect Of Shakespeare Fist Tears Of Sadness, The Ones Who Have Enough Time, Weren’t Blessed With Enough Talent, Kudza Find a Queen That Can Keep Your #GameInCheck, And Let It Happen, I Should Combine All Of My Intellectual Melt Down, And Prove To You That a Love Well Feed, Rather Take Is Own Life Than To Be Alone, Kedson Once Said, That Our Love Has The Power Of An #ArticZoneFlower.

“No One Heals Themselves By Annoying Others”

Kedson Sleeps With An Eye On, Cause They Took a Car To The Moon, He May Comeback Has Megatron, Not Everyone #WillGetIt Moving On, My Life Is a Criminal Conspiracy, Always Deleting And Fabricating Something Gives Me Tranquility, Everybody Talking Like Kudza #YouAin’tShit, That´s Shit Twisting Me! Wait… Ain’t My Fault That I’m Programmed To Reject Massive Lies, Whoever is Trying To Bring You Down, Is #AlreadyBelowYou, Only Hear Baby’s Crying Cause They Lost Their Seat, Too Traumatized To Realize That, Heeey!!! You Dope But You Still a #StreetSheep, Stop Talking With Your Eyes You May End Up Blinding Me, Do You Get It? I May Self-Sacrifice But I Would Never #SacrificeTheQuit. Kudza Will Never Quit On Me, That’s What You Get When You Try To Copycat a Ket-son, I Got More Than 9 Lives In My Tommy Gun, Just…Put Yourself In Airplane Mode And Start Your Home Run, #HomieRun.

“Be Thankful For All The Troubles You Don´t Have”