Cause I Care

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If Medication Lead Us To Meditation, Weed Lead us To Astral Projection, Blessed By The King, That’s An Old Marley Invention, My Body Is a Toy Owned By The Government Corporation, They Also Govern The Ment, Deep Then the Fourth Dimension Lie, And Truth Are Combined, #PerverseInstantiation! Nobody Ever Crossed The Unlined Line, I Wonder If We Human-kind, Are We Really Originated By The Divine Blood Line? If So Our Heart´s Are Richer Than Old Gold Mines, Is Like Looking Thru, The #SunBlazing And See The Moon Shine, Everything’s Coming Soon, But God Is The Last In The Line.

She Lost All Recollection From The Life We Had Before, I’m Losing It! I Searched For Her Heart Door, And I Didn’t Find It! I Hope That My Manifestation Can Restore It! I’m Praying For Her Memory To Reload, Please God Break My Dolores From WestWorld, Love is The Road, Love is The Code, Allow Her To Remember, The Year is Almost Over, We Are Already At The Last Of DecemberI Might Be Obsessing Over Something That Doesn’t Exist, But I Need To Do This Or Else I Will Go Insane.

“Vision is The Art To Seeing What is Invisible To Others”  Jonathan Swift

Your Eyes Give Away The Lost Thoughts, That Were Never Able To Reach The Prime Form, Our Love Would Be More Tragic Than My Past, But I Need It In Order To Transform, “Obsession Is A Necessity, Ask, Believe And You Will Receive”, Clever Like Felicity, Beautiful As Eve, I Will Always Serve You, Never Leave You, My #AfricanQueen, You’re Going Nowhere, If I Need I’ll Place You In Quarantine, I Swear. Kedson-Your Legs Will Be Shaking Like You Are In a Long Race, I Will Let Everything Out Of Place, That´s a Promise.

 Don’t´Be Afraid Let’s Make a Treaty, My Love is Yours And Yours is Mine If We Combine It! Everything Will Be Fine, #PleaseTreatMe! Forgive Those Who Have Hurt You, Start With Me! Let Us Plant The Only Tree On This Wrong Earth, Rewrite a New Rebirth, You Are Living Proof Of #MyArt, Start Not Rejecting Yourself, You Don’t Deserve it! Everybody Else’s Judgment Fuck it! What do they know? If You Knew, You´d See Me Differently, I’m a Villain in My City Apparently, You Are Just Another Killing. Presently, in This Present Day, I´m Not Willing To Play. No One’s Ever Gonna Love You That Way.

“You Do Not Attract What You Want, You Attract What You Are” Dr. Wayne Dyer