Crafted Illusion

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I #InstructMyOwnInstructions Don´t Hope To Improve Me, I’m Sacred Has The Universe! If You Try To Change Me You Will Destroy Me, If You Try To Hold Me You Will Lose Me, I’m Bound Together In An Indestructible Unity Of Individuals Part´s, Working To Generate The Kudza In Me, I’m a Species In Extinction #WithoutOrigin Set Me Free, Next Time I Rise, I Will Bring The Kundalini Force Open The Seven Chakras And I Won’t Let You Leave, Your Love is A #TrojanHorse, Damn Girl, Stab And Retrieve! You Are a Good Actress, Knowing When To Stop Avoid Problems, Your Shape Changes But Not The Form, Cold as a #NightDesertStorm.

“Wisdom is Given To No Man Until He Asks For It” Manly P.Hall

Believing That God Has Something Better For Me, Is The First Key To Success, Never Put Your Thoughts In What Hates Say That’s A #HighMess, You Are What You Keep Seeking, The More You Grow The More They Hate, And The More They Hate The More You Grow #ParadoxPac’sFlow, They Will Always Try To Throw You Into The Hates Airway, If Your Energy Is Out Of Balance Check The Ego At The Doorway, The Ones Who Seem #NiceAndNormal Scare Me The Most, Never So Any Slave Spirits, Came Back Looking For Revenge I #Don´tBelieveInGhosts.

The Whole World Is #FightingOverAPlantMillions Are Dying, Even So, We Keep Looking For Another Planet To Rent, The Holy Lord Left For Vacation, To Whom Should I Report? From My Prayers, I Got No Answers, Deport Them The Same Way You Cure Cancer? An Apple Is Every Color But Red, School Didn´t Give Us That´s Type Of Education, Get This 5 Truths Through Your Head, Wait!!! Refilling You Prescription Makes The Medicine Work #BadMedication 1-Nobody Is Original, 2-Poor Only Have One Friend, 3-Life Never Stop Teaching, 4-We Fight Amongst Ourselves, 5- Love Will Hurt You, All Of This Is InStored In Your Backbone You Will Feel It Not Immediately But Definitely, Stop Living As If You Are Somebody Else Clone.

“Only The Strong Go Crazy. The Weak Just Go Along” Assata Shakur

  I Already Reached A Nice Comfortable Level Of Pain, You Merely Adopt The Dark I Was Born Into It And Molded By It, Kudza You Got A Brain Like Bane, I Can´t Get Through Sadness Cause It Was Always, The One Filling That Brought Me Happiness, I Can´t Deny It. Every Time I Feel Happy I Supply It! If This Were A Match Play, I Would Be Striving For A Longer Than A Long Shot, Curry Makes 3 Kudza Comes And Doublet #That’sA6Shot.

My Arms Are Perfectly Safe, Kudza Will Lead You To a World That Scientific’s Purposes Don’t Exist, The Filling To Fall Asleep, Knowing That You Are Enough To Fill My Stocklist, Need A Girl #AbleToWifeMe, Are You The One I Must Keep Or Should I Slip? Nobody Will Ever Teach You To Pick Yourself Up After Going Through Hard Shit, Is Better If You Surround Yourself With Good People, That Are Good For You, To You, And Your Soul, #IWantToQuit, But Your Empty Room Is Dragging Me On #BlackHole, Your Perfume Is Always Coming On, Sometimes I Think That I’m Hearing Your Voice, Sometimes I Pray To God And I Tell Him, Next Time A See Her I Will Make The Right Choice.

“What You Allow Is What Will Continue”


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Jorge Sasgarante · 10 Fevereiro, 2017 às 20:37

“what you allow is what will continue” – awesome, dude! o/ awesome poetry! o/

    TheKudzaKlan · 12 Fevereiro, 2017 às 14:54

    Obrigado pelo teu tempo e atenção, na verdade roubei de um escritor desconhecido, alguém esqueceu-se de assinar. Hasta & Peace

Jorge Sasgarante · 12 Fevereiro, 2017 às 14:33

hey man, then change the site. when you like some post appear “TheKudzaKlan”. then i discovered that your site is 🙂 not 🙂 peace bro 🙂 o/

    TheKudzaKlan · 12 Fevereiro, 2017 às 14:52

    Obrigado pela dica, vou mudar assim que poder. Hasta & Peace

      Jorge Sasgarante · 12 Fevereiro, 2017 às 16:29

      auee!! hasta e peace, manolo! o/

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