Cuz I´m Magical

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In a Society Filled With Lunatics, Only Does Capable Of Analyzing Their Delusion, Can Dive Into The Unknown And Return With a Bag Of Tricks, I Have Been Cheating!! Every Time I Close My Eyes I Get #Dream’sTips, a Person Like You Don’t Get To Quit, I Was Looking For a Quick Fix, So I Decided To Warp My Reality, Cause My Former Timeline Was Polluted With Superstitions Beings Descendants Of Judas Family Tree, Beneath My Tears I Hear The Voice Telling Me That Every Drop Hurts, Never Be In Silent About Your Pain It Gonna Slowly #ReverseYourVitalForce, Chasing Materialism Will Leave You Feeling Empty, #That´saCapitalGain, I Never Forgot How To Be Violent So Don´t Tempt Me, Kudza Will Put In The Hitman Style If I Had To Tag Team I Would Pick Out Thomas Hearns, People Are Ready To Commit The Most Horrendous Sins To #ObtainPower, So I Live By My Own Terms, Kudza Was Born Of From a Meteor Shower, I Do Not Hear What They Say, Ignorance Is Bliss Or So They Say, #SetYourselfFree From The Chains, Cause Not All Prisons, Have Walls Ignorant People Can´t Tap Into The Air Frequency, Cause They Are Too Small.

Simple Person With a Complicated Mind.

Your Inner Knowing is Your Only True Compass, Kudza- I’m Like The Sea Nobody Owns Me! Kedson- You Can Have That #IClearlyAgree!! Average People Can´t Pass The Fist Awakening Stage, White Excellence Is Not Only For Those Who Graduate From College With a Superior Degree, Living Whit The Minimal Of The Minimal Wage Born With a Free Pass, Now #I’mBansheeFree, Kudza is Always Asking Questions, I Expect Miracles But Not From Idiots, They Are Full Of Answers, Trust Me! I Know What I’m Doing Keep Your #IdiotDirections, You Had a Purpose Before You Heard Your Masters Opinions, Follow The Calling, Not The Crowd See Me Mastering My Ancestor’s Vision´s, Their Energy Never Dies It #OnlyTransforms, Every Symbol Has a Meaning, Every Mission Complete Get You Closer To Your Perfect Form, Don´t Even Knock If You Are Afraid Of Thunders, My Life Is An Open Door Storm, I Don´t Like Numbers Cause They Never End, Gonna Snitch Everything To God When He Descend´s, Cause I Have Been Lost In a World Where #IDon´tExist, Transcend Your Scars And Turn Them Into Stars, Keep It Short List! Don´t Assist Every Weekend Cause, In The End, You Just Gonna End Up With Your Frenemies And a Weak End. Listen!! #You’reNotOffendMe.

“People Have Become Educated, But Have Not Become Human” Abdul S. Edhi

If The Sky Add Eyes They Would Be On Me, #AllEyezOnMe We All Blessed But Only Through The MK-Ultra Programming You Will See, Everybody Be Looking For Confirmation If They Are Real Or Not, Life Is a Flat Plane And Dead Is #AlwaysEating, The Fastest Way To Get Free-From Me Is a Shot Through The Brain, From My Blind Spot I Hope You Got An Adamantium Bullet, Cause If You Not, Kudza Won’t Let You Survive The Next #FaceToFace Meeting, By The Way, I Would Never Spy On Another Person Life Just To Make a Third Part Accept Me, I Would Never Sell My Soul For Money, Cause I Respect Me, If It Was God Intent, To Give Some Deadening Poverty And Others Superfluous Inordinate Wealth, I Will #FightItThrough Only Kudza Can Bring Out My Greatness, That´s Mental Strength, The Most Important Rule Of War, When The Enemy Controls Information They Will Always Manipulate It To Benefit Themselves, “Learn To Read Between The Lines”, Most Words Get Stuck In Your Head, Is Like If Someone Is Throwing You Organic Spells.

Would You Like You, If You Met You?


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