Don’t Tease Me… Little Girl

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I Questioned #TheUnimaginable, And My Mind Eye Cracked, I No Longer Hear The Sound Only The SoundTrack, How! Can I Lead The WolfPack? If life Is an Interstellar Trap! Is Tough To Deal With Reality, If You Don’t Know What´s Real, My Emotions Are Out Of Control, I’m About To Reveal, That My Thoughts Are More Strange Then Strange Things, I Want You So Badly That, I Will Give Away #MyWings, It Doesn’t Matter Who Wins, Your Perfection Is a Target That I Can’t Reach By Any Means.

“Most People, Think That You Are Strange If You Are Happy Today”

“It’s Impossible To Fix What Is Behind You” I’m Creating a New Futuro Get Into, But Remember That You Can´t Love Nobody Else, Until You Learn To Love Yourself, Don’t Wait For The #IdealSituation, I Already Love Myself, Take On My Invitation, And Stop Trying To Adapt Yourself To This New “Civilization” I See You Avoiding The Procrastination, Let Me Give You Some #PomodoroTechniques, You Are The Beat, That My Heart Seeks, ( What’s Normal? Who Wants To Be Normal?) Let’s Be Freak And Speak Freely. I’m #KillingMyself Bit By Bit Without Even Knowing, I Like Being Alone, It’s Better That Way, The Pain Keep On Growing, So I Put It In Display, Sometimes I Lose My Away, But “The Hard You Work, The Harder Is To Surrender”, Everyone Tries To Shield You, They Say That I´m Just Pretending, To Be Another Pretender.

What Should I Do?

Maybe, I Will Make Them Research, Everything #ButSpace, They Will Be Working For Nasa, Trying To Find Mars In Earth Face, Login Into Myspace, Stop Hating Me And Stop Trying To Displace Me. If I Go To Deeper Most Of You, Will Be Lost And Never Found, Another Malaysian Plane, That Took Off And Never Reached The Ground. I’m Dying To Have You, That’s Why I’m Always Bother You, Please! Don´t Go Home, I Don’t Want To Spend Another #WeekendAlone, Come And Save Me From This Worthless Lifestyle, Because I Can’t-Do It On My Own, I Need More Than Your Smile, To Break Through This Mental Trail, I Won’t Change My Style, I’m Just Following The Vibe, I’m Asking You To Subscribe On Me, You Are #TheRemedy, That God Prescribed For me.

“I´m Not Looking To Go Further Than Most, I’m Looking To Finish At Any Cost”

If I Was Paul Walker (R.I.P), You Would Be My Nissan Skyline, The Stars Are Proof Of My Love, That’s A High Sign, All Of This Was Defined By The Divine, You Are Beyond Human, I´m Not Being Kind, My Life Is A Show Like Truman! Love Is Really Blind, I Would Throw My Life On The Line, Only To Go To Heaven, And Warn Everyone That You Are Mine. I Won´t Stop There, Next I Will Pull Up, My Taser Tongue, And Slowly Make You Sing Your Favorite Songs, Your Body Will Go Off And On, I’m A Man On A Mission, Call Me James Bond, Down Stairs, I´m Like King Kong, I Hope You Can Come Along, If You Do, Wear Your Favorite Thong, It Will Be Too Much Pleasure In The Air, “This Word Is Not What It Seams”, I Shall Break Into Your Lair, Like I´m Searching For Magic Beans.

“I Deserve More, And I Will Get More”, Date Me Or, Forget Me.


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