Don´t Whine, Organize!

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Don´t Need To Tell, I Know! Kudza is a Bad Guy, Bad as The Slim Version Of Peter, I Ain´t a Family Guy! Just Want To Chill Alone, But If You Wanna Come Then Ride Along, Won’t Pass My Weed, Everything I Do #NobodyGottaKnow, Just Want Some Green, And Buy a Big Greenhouse, Let Me Ganja Blow, When I Grow Gonna Catch an Airplane, Will Go Higher Above The Airspeed, The More We Plead The More We Bleed! My Name is Kudza I’m Iron Man, Throw Everything When I Fight, Like The Lost Creed. History Fact- Last Time Jesus Got Stoned, He Wake Up 3 Days Later in Some Weird Cave! #DudeBrave I Know The Real You, So Better Behave, You Can´t  Enslave My Brain Wave, The BullShit You Love To Speak, Came With Weak Instructions, And Weak Foundations, in My Reality People Only Support And Help #WhenIsBeneficial.

If You Lose Someone, But You Find Yourself, You Won.

One Man Single-Handed Made The World? Shit, We Artificial! Normality is Inaccessible To Ordinary Humanity, Our Bodies Are Clothes That #WeNeverDress-Off, This Summer Gonna Surf in The Moon That´s Official, We Live In an Evil Place Got No Time To Be Good, is Exhausting To Wait Until Life´s Run´s-Off Kudza And Me, We Took a Lot Of Losses, Was Hard To Let The Childhood Drop, So We Hard Work Intel We Became Our On Bosses, The Majority Criticise Us Cause They Have Tried But #NeverMadeIt, Didn´t You Get The Memo? While You Were Playing Whit Your Lego I Was Building It, Picture Me as a Ghetto Sparrow, “Not Al Tesoro Are Silver And Gold Mate” It Not Always About The Dinero, Shut Up And Pay The Tax Rate, Your Slave Stat.

Every Clown Can Run For Prezo? Kudza I Guess So! Some Of Y’all Gonna End Up Like Hillary, When I Pull Up My Trump Card, My Next Move is To Move Myself To Fillory, Building My Death Star Gonna Provide Work For Thousand’s, #Don´tFeelSafe! That´s Only For SafeGuard, I No Longer Go To Sleep Cause, I Only Want To Wake Up #WhereYouAre, Loyalty is Rare If You Find Me Keep Me, #IAin´tThatFar, Same Obstacles in Our Lives Have Names, Discard Them Fast Like Carter From The Olympic Games, She Filled Me With #TheRightMarks, Now My Pain Reached The Fullest, Better Start Training On My Slow Motion Avoiding Bullets, Decide Your Own Destiny, Avoiding The People’s Traps, I Was in My Young And Stupid Phase, #EconomyInCollapse, Choiceless Has Laika Just Send Me Into Deep Space, Gonna Smoke My DNA Hoping To Arrive Into a High-Pothesis, Have To Find Some Space Between The Interspace, There is Never a Cure! Where is The Justice? kudza is Always High in Public That’s is #PublicFace.

“You Have To Be Odd To Be Number One” Dr.Seuss

The World is Trying To ImPrison Me, Got No Choice Besides Prison Break, The Damage Report is Telling Me kudza You Need a Break, My Last Trauma I Wrote And Harry-Ported, Running Low in Magic, My Heart is a Philosopher´Stone, kudza You Are a Tragic Abort From The Womb Of The Potentiality, Gonna Go Plunder in The Next Bank Cause a Required a Time Loan, Facing The Modern Eventuality´s, is The Same Has Playing a Game in Cheat Mode, #GetsBoringFast, Some Of Us Are Using Codes, We Are Moving Forward Into The Future, But Always Coming Back To The Past, I Don´t Even Play an Active Role in My Life, #BetterStartPacking, Everybody Knows That The Lion is The Jungle King, But You Never So a Wolf Performing in The Circus, #ChangingTheRanking, Animal´s Life Purpose is To Entertain Us, And Feed Us, If They Are Suffering it Doesn’t Concern Us Right?

“Knowledge Makes You Unfit To Be a Slave”


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Jorge Sasgarante · 20 Fevereiro, 2017 às 11:29

My Last Trauma I Wrote And Harry-Ported huauhauhauha awesome 🙂 o/ harry-ported hauahuhuahua o/

    TheKudzaKlan · 21 Fevereiro, 2017 às 21:44

    Thank´s Bro, It’s always a pleasure to have you out here, glad you liked it.
    Hasta & Peace

      Jorge Sasgarante · 21 Fevereiro, 2017 às 21:51

      Auee!! o/ you’re welcome, bro!! hasta & peace o/

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