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Come And Dig This Desert Heart, There are Treasures Beneath My Art, I´m Too Weak To Ask You To Help Me, Sometimes I Can´t Breath, Because My Body Keeps On Rejecting Me, You Have Something That Belongs To Me, And I Want it Back, I Progress My Writing Hoping for a Feedback, Everyday is a Flashback To The First Day, That I Saw You Try To Change Your Angle Of View, I´m Suffering Because Something New Grew.

I can’t do it all by myself! And I won´t do it for Anyone else!

We Both Feel The Same, Yeah We Do! Why Hide Your Pain, Like Tears in The Rain, I´m Used To. Let Me Shine Like The Sun, I´m The Only One, Destined To Grab Your Baby Hands, Perfection is An illusion That Never Ends, I love loving You, Without it, I Couldn’t See it Through, “Behind Every Feeling There is a Promise” I Don’t Want To Break One, But if I Be Too Honest, Blame The Kedson.

“Sometimes the only good things, you will hear from you, are the things you say to you”

We Both Want To Do it, But I Can See That You Are Afraid, It will Be Easiest if We Portrayed, And Go Hard Like Fifty Shades of Grey, Let´Me Bend Your Body, The Same Way, I keep Bending The Clay, Stop Sleeping Alone And Come Hang With Me, Winter Is Coming  And I Don’t Want To Freeze Like The Sea, Lay Yourself  Inside Of Me, Only if You Agree, Try To Trust on The Long Run, The Bad Decision That You Make, will Turn Into The Right Ones.

I´m Just an Old Soul, On a New Body, West World Was To Crowded, So I Skip the Party, I Keep Losing Control, I See Myself Doing The Rain Dance, But I Ain´t The Rain Man, Look For a Chance To Advance The Finance, Because Being Broke is The Ender’s Game, My Reflection is Waiting Outside Of The Gate, I Can Only Move Forward That´s a Chequemate, You And Me That´s a Black Date, I have So Much Love, That I´m Ready To Donate.

“All You Can Do, Is All You Can Do, But All You Can Do Is Enough!” – A. L. Williams