Flower Of Life

Por KudzaKlan em

I Lost a Person That I Will Never Gonna See Again, Perfection Is a Perception That My Eyes Only See In You, And I Ain’t Gonna #SeeYouAgain, Damn!!! I Will Cry For You, I Will Pray For You, And I Promise You That I Will Immortalize You On My Soul, My Name Is Kedson And I Came To Win, I Ain’t Gonna Die Until I Achieve My Goal, The Golden Circle Got Smaller Cause, God Took You Away From Me Without My Authorization, Fuck The Nonexistent Entity Who Lives In The Sky, You Better Start Dropping Some #LogicBombs And Analyze Your Belief Patterns Because Your Laws Have No Self-justification, The Fight Keeps On Letting The Faithful Tangling, Turn Down Your Speech Volume And Influence, Cause My Faith On You I’m Cancelling Why Do You Always Turn a Blind Eye On Us? But Expect Us To Go #StudyYourBible For The Oral Examination.

Kudza Is Living Is Lowest Moments, But The Pain Doesn’t Get Near To The Time They Were Lynching Jesse When People Start Being Used By The Mental Faculties They Became #ColorBlind Old Perspectives Breathing New Fears Into Their Messy Mind, “You’re Not Obligated To Win. You’re Obligated To Keep Examining” If Your Opinions Start To Violate The #PlansOfTheSystem, They Just Gonna Put You In a Box Next To Nanking, There Is Not Enough Leader For The Number Of Followers, The Sun Never Takes a Day Off, Kudza- So Why Should I!!! The Holodomor Is Already Here, All My Life I Have Been Fighting Through The Pain, Got No More #TearsToCry, Every Day We See Hundreds Of Bodies Following Off, Cause Most Of Us Are Dying Of Starvation In a Time Of Peace, Stand Up Through The Social Tension, Shift The Hate Off, And Piece By Piece Nurture Your Talent And Let Him Shine Into a Form Of Self-Inception.

“In The Age Of Information, Ignorance Is a Choice” Donny Miller

You Always Told Me, That There Are Women Out There, That If You Date Them You Will Die, Now I See The Truth, Cause Most Of Them, Are Just a #DemoVersion, The Real Women Know That There Is No Perfect Guy, Stop Acting Like a Victim, I Can See That Your Life Is An Accident Cause You #PossessNoPassion, Kudza Is The Real Shit, You Can’t Restrict Him, Negative People Will Eternally Be Eating And Vomiting Like a Serpent, #SheOneSerpent. The Type Of Beauty You Bear Was Banned In This Plane, Are You Looking For a Reason To Be Offended? You Just a Human Resource That, Does Not Contain Controversial Subject Matter, Your 3 Seconds Of Memory Now Ended, The Result Of That Is No Time To Think, You Ass Is Late For Work #EndTheChatter.

If The Earth Is a Battery, Who Are We Feeding? Individual Dots Absorbing The Energy Of The Environment, #NegativeReinforcement Insist Up’On Coming Whit The Special Pleading, “If You Are One Step Ahead Of The Crowd, You’re Considered a Genius, If You Are Two Steps Ahead Of The Crowd You Are Considered a Lunatic” Kudza Tell Me The Secret Reason For Us Existing, A Creation Of Man Can Never Be Above Man, God Was Born With Amnesia, Now #TheManIsMissing, Your Shit Don’t Wash Out With Reality Make A Rift Into Raqiya And Let The Waters Fall, Trigger Words Transmitting The Mass Hypnosis, People Be Talking a Lot But Saying #NothingInTheProcess, Never Answer The Operation Call Cause They Can Remotely Hijack Your Nervous System, The Password Is God Bless, Don’t Be Another PARASITE On Society, We All Have The Wisdom Now Is Time To Let Your Sacred Visions Find Your Soul Address #God Bless.

In General, The Art Of Government Consists Of Taking As Much Money As Possible From One Class Of Citizens To Give To Another.

Regardless Of Your Age, I Will Continually See You As The Little Girl Who Taught Me How To Live As a Soldier, Kudza Is a Duplication Of Your Beliefs, Kedson- Now You Have To Let Her Go, Cause Somebody Up There Also Want To Hold Her, I Gonna Meet With You On The Island Of The Stars When I Get Older, Your Search Is Over Cause You Found The Next Life, Hearts Weren’t Meant To Be Broken Because Of That, I’m Having New Existences Of You Inside Myself, R.I.P Enjoy Your After Life.

“Integrity Has No Need Of Rules.” A.Camus