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We Ain´t Talking Financial But Kudza –You Are Broke! Your Brain Need´s a Slow Motion Detector, Cause Your Thoughts Are a Nuclear Hoax Joke, Look #BeyondTheIllusion, Where Do They Get The Organs Transplants For The Transfusion? Time And Money Are Nothing But a Deception Cloak, Nevertheless!!! Everybody Will Live You Even Your Own Shadow, Assumptions Are Not Proofs Stop #GettingYourLifeDepress, Everything’So Fucking Obvious! It’s Wasn’t Long Ago That a Realized, Kudza! You a Puppet Show, I’m Starting To Wonder If Our Conversation, Are Just Memory´s From The Land Of Tomorrow, We Are All Reading The Same Book In Differents Pages, We Are All Reliving The Same Life In Different Flat Stages, #TemporyPeople Tripping Inside Cages. We Survive The Dark, Now Embrace The Light Ages.

“Don´t Burn Your Opportunities For Temporary Comfort”

Albino Monkeys Can´t Climb Trees! We Are All Trying To Touch The Face Of God, Religion is a Social Mental Disease, If They Teach You To Hate, Then You Just Gonna End Up As a Member Of The Suicide Squad, Order a New World, #OrderaNewGod. Blind Faith Controlling And Misleading The Profane Enables Them To Safely Sneeze, Kudza Heat Me With 5 Kilotons Of Blind Fury, Please!!! Never Beg Love From People That Don´t Even Love Themselves, Arguing With a Fool Only Proves There Are Two, So I Choose To Talk To Myself, Don’t Hide Your Insanity Destroy What Destroys You. #HumanWhiteoutHumanity, If The Death Of Certain Man´s Cause Happiness And Give´s Reason To Celebrate, You Need To Be a Very Special Kind Of Stupid, #HumanOblateHate Since When Have We Devolved Into Such a Barbaric State?

“Too Cool For The Weird Kids.Too Weird For The Cool Kids”

Through The Looking Glasses, We Look For The Truth In Strange Places, Undercover World´s Moving Through Reality Mazes, Trust Me! If You Don’t Understand It Doesn’t Make It a Language Or Does It?  Try To Lose Some Regular Garbage, Cause On a Conscious Level You Will Not See It, Kudza is Custom Made You Can Never Be It!! If Life Were a River You Would Hardly Touch The Same Waters Twice Still, Around Just Moving Differently, Everybody Dropping Their Wing´s Cause #ParadiseChangedThePrice, Wait…! Is That a Theory Or Just General Relativity? I Don´t Think is Funny Anymore, #MiseryLovesMyCompany Too Much Negativity in Her Voice, Telling Me That My Life is For Sale On Every Mall Shelf, Got People Trying To Force They Way in, On My Vibe From The Vibe Back Door, I Ain´t Got No Time For You Or Neither For Myself, The System  Has Been Rigged Since The Dinosaurs Fist Saw The Curvature Zone, #AgentOfDisinformation Disinforming The Population, They Be LikeThis Is a Hole And We Call It OzOnE.

They Are Way Worst Then Atoms, Always #MakingUpEverything, I’m Starting To Breaking Bad, Need My One Phone Call, If Rebellions Are Built On Hope, My Only Hope is Within, Kudza Went Lost So I Put Myself On a Self-Seeking, I Have Been Gold Digging Looking For My Dream, Every 420 I Stop Cause Is Time To See The King, My Smile Mechanism Is Smiling-Functioning, Kudza I Advise You To Throw Yourself From The Edge, In Order To #TakeSomeEdgeOff, The Masses Become Clueless Participants, Composing Puzzles Were All The Pieces Are Puzzling Off, Every Time They Introduce Us a Wall, We All Break!! Critical Thinkers #Don´tGetSwiped By Media Crap-Storms, Cause!! #WeAllAwake If Your Heart Have Been Skipping Beats, Every Time You See Somebody You Like It’s Not Love #That´sArrhythmia, Is Time To Press Release, Kudza Deny´s Is Own Existence While Still Carrying Out The Divine Plan, I Will Fight For You, But If I Die I Pray To Be Touched By Valkyrie Hand, Don´t Bring Nun Of That Weak Shit In Here, Kudza Is a Hater, Kedson Is a Fan, Don´t Take It On Me, I’m Just Helping To Build The Klan.

“Time Heals Nothing Unless You Move Along With It” -Rachel Wolchin


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