Involuntary Servitude

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What Kind Of Medicine Do You Take When You Are Sick Of People? We Began Building Kingdoms, Align Pyramids With Galaxies But Now. After Million Years Of Adaptation We Just a Shit Sequel, It Costs a Lot To Be Here, And I Still Don’t Know What This Life Is For “Christians Don’t Build Walls” But #TheyBuiltASphere, Jesus Is Our #GreatestMentor, But He Only Helps Famous Singers Winning Music Awards, The Bubbles In Space Gonna Bubble Up In Your FaceCause You Will Never Have Justice On a Stolen Land, We Only Train The Body, And We Let The Mind Fly Low Like Angry Birds, #LockedInAnEnclosedWorld, “Follow The Command” The System Is Designed To Manipulate The Focus Of The Masses, #WelcomeToMyFairyland, Kudza Is a Creepiest Phenomenon That You Can’t Overtake, Kedson- You Better Put Your Power Moves Into The League Of Assassins Classes, Cause The Revenge Of The GlobeTards Will Never Make The DayBreack.

“Abundance Is Not Something We Acquire, It Is Something We Tune Into” W.Dyer

In This Days, I Would Easily Find a Unicorn Than a Girlfriend, Young Girls Living Like They Are Trapped In Their Perfect #TvShow, Expecting To Disappear And Then Reappear At The End Of The Weekend. Hmmm… Hello!!! Most Everyone’s Mad Here? Kudza- No! No! No! Only You!!! Everybody Dropping Likes On Your Beautiful Photos, But Most Can’t See Your Ugly Ass Soul, #WeAin’tStupid, No! No! No! Take2! Real Love Is When She Starts Checking Your Payroll? I’m Doing Alright Just Feeling Sorry For The People Who Tried To Play Me, The Things That You Do In The Dark, Will Never Guide You Into The Light, I Don’t Want To Be Bothered By You. No! No! No! So!!! #StopReplyingMe, Just #GetYourSubscriptionRight, Unless God Sent You… I’m Unavailable, Kudza Is Looking For The Once In a Lifetime Type Of Female.

I  Already Evidenced Your Oversoul And #That’sUnreplaceable, I’m About To Punch The Dimensional Walls Of My Heart, So Hard That I’m Gonna Change The Mystical Reality, Online Nobody Can Hear You Scream, That’s Crappy, My Imagination Is Trying To Deceive Me!!! Is The Wizard Behind The Veil Introducing Conflicting Information Forcing The #AtomicTelepathy Or It’s Just Me That Thinks, That The World Needs To Double The Standards On The Celestial Special Education? Our Love Was Formed From The Magic Explosion That Laid #TheUniversalEgg, It Has Been About You, Since I Met You, If I’m Attracted To You, I Gonna Act To Tell You, Now I Beg You To Tell Me. I Just Came From The West Wing, And I Didn’t Watch You There, Kudza Let’s Take a Quick Peek Into The Spectre’s Base, Cause I’m Very Sure That #MyGeocentricLove Is Trapped Inside a Self Empowerment Square.

“The Only Way To Be Truly Loved Is To Become Love. Surrender To This Freedom” R.Lazuli

I’m Committed To My Art But, I Always Try To Leave People #BetterThanIFound Them, My Artificial Heart Alone Ain’t Perfect, Only If You Could Transmute Your Energy And Help Us Became a Perfect Combination, Kudza Is The Mind Behind The Machine, Our Blood Relation Comes With Alternative Dreams Messages From The Past That Keeps Us From Sleeping, Kedson- You Are Not Making Sense, How Could You Left a #PsychopathInCharge? Between The Religious Zombies And The Government Full Of Shit, I will Risk It! Taking My Chances With My Self Leading, When You Boil It Down #TheGalacticLaw’s Says That Our DNA Is Software, Kudza- But My Consciousness Is a Ghost Town, Every Time I Free Myself From Society’s Cosmic Energy, The Programmer Recharge Me Right Back, The Hurt Is Never Over It’s Always There, Only #TheMonarchChildren’s Can Relate The Tools Of Deception And Correctly Answer Life’s Questionnaire, Stop Denying Your Bond With Nature She Has a Spirit, Can You Honor That?

People Will Always Choose To Go Back, Betraying and Degenerating Their Compassion And Morality, If You Don’t Fit In, Perhaps You Were Born To Help #ShapeANewWorld, Kudza Put Some Feelings In The Primordial Soup And Feed My Virtual Personality, #Lesson Learned Kedson- Chill Bro, My Comebacks Are As Powerful As My Epic Fuck-Ups, Your Presence Has To Make Me Feel Better Than My Isolation, Kudza Is Much More Motivated Than a #SpartanWarrior Looking For a Good Death, There Is No Better Sensation Than Trespassing Against Our Lifespan Original Plan, Starving Through Perfection Searching For The Age Of The Fifth Sun, Every Time I Fear Something, I Run Backwards And Extract The Pleroma Of The Primordial Kedson, Contrary To Popular Belief The #EndIsTheBeginning, It Has Been Happening Over And Over Again, The Last Is The Fist Winning! Somebody Care To Explain Me Why Is The Sky Crying Instead Of Spinning?

“The Time Is Always Right To Do What Is Right” Luther King, Jr.


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