Islands of Totalitarianism

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Every Time I See a Bully Being Bullied, I Start Running Cause I Know I’m Next, Karma Has My Home Address Saved In Her Database, Kudza Is Just a Different Type Of Creep That Exercises Safe Sex, I Have Already Jerked-Off Enough Times, That I Could Get Pregnant The Entire Cyberspace, I Don’t Need Everyone To Like Me, I’d Rather Just Be Chillin Below a #FiveBillionStarHotel, Because I Know That I Would Never Have To Return The Key, Kudza Has a Hair That Defies Gravity, And a Skin That Absorbs The Sun, Please!! Call Him #GalvanicSolarCell, Nature Has a Cure For Everything, You Will Find All When You Read To Lose All, Everybody Was Thinking That You Were Falling Off But You Still On, I Became a Priority In My Life, People Will Place You On a Level You Didn’t Even Know You Were On, Walking-On Under The Bad Weather Without An Umbrella, I’m a Thug For Life Mother Earth Was My Midwife, Large Part Of My Dreams End Up Happening, It Must Be Some Past Life Memory Fragment’s, Too Afraid That My Brain May End Up Flattening, I Start Wondering If It Was Really God That Give Us The 10 Commandments.

“We Suffer More Often In Imagination Than In Reality” Séneca 

When They Don´t Appreciate What You Bring To The Table #LetThemEatAlone, Heisenberg Blue Crystal Was The Tip Of The Iceberg, That Drug Gonna Send The World Into #ThePhantomZone, The Real Answer Is Weed Cause Makes Us Feel Nicer. Kudza- What’s Wrong? Kedson- My Constant Need For Attention Is Getting To Stubbornness, Why We Let Our Insecurity Govern Us? You Know It´s Bad When Your Therapist Needs To Call In Two Extra Priests, I Don´t Want To Get Old Inside a #MentalHospital, Is The Same As Listing To The 90s Beats Of Information Cycle Completing, That´s 0101010010 And Keep On Repeating, I’m a #GodParticle, Everything Fades Into Utter Silence. Yet… The #VoicesContinueScreaming. Kudza- You Should Take a Walk, Not a Pill Most Of Us Start Dropping At The Fist Sing Of Trouble, Than We Complain About Others Lack Of Goodwill, People Have Been Testing Me Since The Stone Age, I Always Break, If You Put-It In Stone You Will Never Live To See It Age, Some Loyal Women Don´t Get Enough Cred-It, I Would Deliver Away The Stonehenge Into a Galactic Escape, Just To Prove You That a Regret It, If Time Is Non-Refundable, Kudza- You Ain’t Gonna Have It Back, Try To Give Some Time To Time He May #Self-Fix, The Version That They Show To The Public Is Only Following The political’s Scripts.

“Always Remember, Someone´s Effort Is a Reflection Of Their Interest In You” 

Out There In The Real World, There Are Some Old People Close To They Deathbed, Still Capable Of Sacrificing Their Last Breath Just To Fuck a Nigga-Life, Don’t Self-Hate, You Already Have #TheEnemyDoingIt For You, Kudza Is Way Ahead, I Ain’t Gonna Throw Away My Life Just To Make a Living, I Refuse To Be Another Pet In Your Science Project Zoo, The Majority Has Accepted But They Don’t Understand, The Role That They Have Been Given, Kudza- You Too. By The Time You Start Realizing Shit, Your Mind Will #CrackHollowOpen Is Like Hitler Hoping To Find Prime (Earth) – Is At The Center Of The Universe? Only a Child Can Travel Through The Multi-Dimension Infinity And Experience Is Own Spiritual Rebirth, #ThereAreNoBoundaries For My Imagination, The Thoughts Can Bring Our Intent To Fruition. I’m Sad! Cause I Never Got To See The Trees Higher Than The Cloud’s, Their Roots Were #AllowedToJourney Side By Side Deep Inside Mother Earth Heart, Most Of The Important Work Is Done Underground, The Right Thing Is To Give Some Color To God Abstract Art, Kudza Can You Lift The Veil And Go Beyond The Celestial Round? I Would Happily Give My Life Just To Press The Button And #SeeItAllRestart, My Silent Doesn’t Imply Consent, It Going To Be a Giant Impact After I Light Work The Negative Magnetic Pole, Kudza Wish That You Could Help Me Steal God Remote Control.

“Remain Humble But Still, Let Em Know”


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