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I Took The Dark Path, Need Some Uncle Bob Remedy, To #RevitalizeTheArt, I Will Keep On Pumping My Beliefs Holding And Dropping, Bring Yourself To Me, I Will Break Your Heart Apart, And Every Part In Part´s, Reset Every Restart, This Heart Is Ready To Depart, Don’t Pretend You Didn’t Know! Do You Want a Show? So, Step Into The Flow, Clap Your Baby Hands. HEY! Could We Be More Than Just Friends? Let Me Reach! I´m So Down Below, I Will Follow, If You Teach, Memorize #EverySpeech, Never Meet Netflix, Get Ready Every Six, Conflicts In The Mix, The Matrix Is a Maze, You So Beautiful! So Amaze! Reminiscing Many Ways, Distant Days, Can´t Relay, Your #BodyMoves Call My Name, I´m To Lame? Bring Your Flame, We The Same! Kudza Blame, Go Away, I’m Insane.

“No Matter How Hard You Work To Bring Yourself up, There´s Someone Out There Working Just Hard, To Put You Down…..”

When The Thoughts On My, Mind #StartThinking, I Will Be, Blinking Tears, Drinking Beers, With My Fears, Too Many Years Disappear, Don’t Blink Another Tear, Trespass The New Frontier, Is Clear, That Near Will Be Here, I Know You Love Me, Because I’m a Seer, Three Weeks!!! Forget Me, No #LongerHere! Time For Me To Relax, And Drink Another Beer, I Feel #TheExcitation, Should I Change You, Or Should I Change The Application, Bring This Body For a Love Operation, “Surpass Your Limitations” I Ain´t Clapping For Celebrations, Only For Declarations Of My Hallucinations.

“To Learn Who Rules Over You, Simply Find Out Who You Are Not Allowed To Criticize.”

Forget It Is? You Are Too Afraid To Fight, So You Choose To Retreat, Like This! Receive And Leave, When The Time To Give Comes, Release The Drums, Excuses Blasting Like Bubble Gums, I Need Some Hope, My World Is About To Die, How Can I Be The Next Young Pope, If I Didn’t Even Reply, I Don’t Do It To Be Dope, And I Won´t Stop, Until You Bri-Mine, Please! Don’t Copy My Notes, Only Your Love Can Promote My Votes, “Tell Me That You Love Me, Even Though You Don’t” “Tell Me That You Want Me, Even Though You Don’t, I Promise! I Won’t! Let You Cry Again, I Won’t! Let You Mad Again, Tell Me I’m Your Man, Take My Hand, She’s The One Until The End. Never Ends...

“As Soon You Start To Pursue A Dream, Your Life Wakes up And Everything Has A Meaning” Barbara Sher


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rabbiadar · 20 Novembro, 2016 às 21:20

Beautiful! I bookmarked it to read when I get discouraged.

We need our artists now, our poets and musicians and writers to help us remember our truths.

    kudza · 22 Dezembro, 2016 às 0:11

    Thank you for your kind words, I hope to continue to surprise you, have a nice day.
    Hasta & Peace

Assimilação Omnipresente TheKudzaKlan · 23 Novembro, 2018 às 0:57

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