Mamba Mentality

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If Being Stupid Is An Attractive Quality, Your Ignorance Is Committing Your Suicide, Why Do You Call Him Lord But Never Do What He Says? Are You In Or Out Of The Molten Glass? Time To #PickYourSide. All Misery On Earth Is A Business Design, Yes!!! You Have The Right To Protest For Rights, But Fist Take Your Social Slave Number And Wait On The Line, We Were Made To Forget That We Are A Temporary #PhysicalExistence, The Limitation Of Our Five Senses Will Never Allow Us To Feel The Taste Of The Immortal Coexistence, On My Last Appointment With The Oracle She Told Me… That Human Existence Is Not A Random Mindless Coincidence. Choose Carefully Your Last Supply After You Exit This World Behind, We Cannot Depend On Our Leaders, Cause They Are #MissLeaders, Get Your Residual Self-image Off, And Bear This Shit In Mind.

Who Is The Creepy Fog In Your Brain, Trying To Explain You The Limits Of Understanding, Advising You To Conduct Yourself In Order To Rise From a Corruptible Environment Into An Incorruptible And #JoyousExistence, But The Feelings Of Insignificance Got You Crashing Before Landing, Kedson- I’m Glad Cause I Got Kudza To Build Me The Resistance, To Smash Through Unexpected Roadblocks, Someone Said That “The Universe And Human Stupidity Are Infinite” On My Daily Basis I See People More Lost Than #SpaceRocks, They Be Swimming Through The Milky Way, Now And Then Some Go Back Cause Kudza Published Some New Plots, Stop Blaming Others For The Problems You Have In Your Life And Get #OutOfTheBox.

“The Secret Of Freedom Lies In Educating People, Whereas The Secret Of Tyranny Is In Keeping Them Ignorant”  Maximilien Robespierre

The Day Hasn’t Even Ended, Kudza- And I Feel Like Already Tried Tomorrow, I´m Holding So Tight To Something, Cause I Fear That Something So Great Won’t Happen Twice, I Had You And I Lost You That’s #TwiceTheSorrow, Kudza Keep On Turning The Tables In Your Life Until The Pain Torn Itself Into Power, She Is Like A #FractionOfTheSun, Kudza- And I’m Apollo, If To Live Is To Risk Dying, Then To Envy You Is An Act Of Treason, Kedson- Be Kind For No Reason. Every Time We Say Good-Bye I Die, Smart Character Are Dissolving, And We Are #TheLastExamples, I See People Punishing Themselves With Excuses, Cause It Doesn’t Take Any Effort To Be A Loser. Kudza- I Know 1, 2 And 3 Samples.

If November 4 Is Is Falling Take This Last Parachute, Kudza Is Embracing Every Storm In Is Life, Cause Without Rain #NothingGrows, Purpose Over Popularity That’s I Salute, And She Knows!! If This Passion Is a Poisoned Fruit, Kudza Is Taking Is #LastLifeBite, Learn To Carry Yourself On Your Own Back, Cause People Will Drop You Quicker Than They Picked You Up. Kedson- My Shadow Has More Light Them Most People Heart´s, Don’t Confuse Who I’m For What I Do, Kedson- On This One We Will Mix-Up. Listen

Cada Discurso Teu, Suspende O Meu Mundo Sobre A Tua Próxima Citação, Eu Já Estive Em Vários Mundos Mas Só Perto De Ti, É Que Estou Convicto Da Minha #PrópriaDesorientação, Já Não Procuro A Inspiração!! Kudza É A Voz Que Transmite O Pensamento, E Tu És O Meu Estado De Visualização, (Like) Ela É O Retrato Do Amor Que Eu Procuro Merecer, Kedson É Uma Fruta Já Madura Que Perto De Ti Quer Envelhecer” A Última Vez Que Estes Olhos Lagrimaram, A Minha Alma Escoou-se Do #MeuCorpo, A Última Vez Que Estás Duas Almas Se Amaram, Kudza Perdeu-se Do Seu Corpo. Onde É Que Está o Teu Corpo??? Invisibilizado Pelas Frações Componentes Da Tua Dimensão, Kudza Não Passa De Um Fantasma Foragido Que Procura Pela Porta Do #TeuCoração, Dá-me A Liberdade, Dá-me O Teu Amor, Dá-me A Tua Respiração, Tu Sentes, Tu Ouves, Tu Vês E… Tu… Sabes Da Verdade.

“When Someone Rejects You, Don’t Fear, Or Suffer, For They Are Not Worth Your Time”

We Are Not Meant To Experience The World Through A Machine, The Energy Of A Sound Wave In A Fluid Can Create Flashes Of Light, Close Your Eyes And Go Back Into The Time When #TheSaharaDesert Was Green, I Ain’t Looking To Be A King, Kudza- I Want To Destroy The Kingdom And Take You As My Queen On My Site. I’m 100% Down For You, That’s Something Money Can Buy, Why Have Enemies If We Can Have Supporters, Connect Into My Kaizen Hi-Fi, And Let’s Help Anonymous Hack For Peace, On This #GiantWebOfInfluences There Is No Borders, Ego Is An Elusion Of A Fake Self, That’s a Fake Self Piece, We Are The Only Creatures On The Plane That Pay To Live On It, Every Civilization Be #SellingIsOwnPropaganda, And Most Of Us Look Like Some Failed Pavlov’s Dogs Experience Barking Over It, Kudza I Feel Like We Are Being Groomed For The Next Big Bang, Or Maybe Ember Is Already Tired And Can’t Handle It, The Government Is a Fungus On Society And The Press Is a Cartel Gang.

“We Can Accept God Becoming Man To Save Man, But Not Man Becoming God To Save Himself” – Vernon Linwood Howard