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If This Love Isn’t Working, Load Aim and Fire, I Tried! Really I Did… But I´m Back On My Shit, We Gotta Start Thinking On The Long Term #AimHigher, All Of My Idols Are Dead, Got No Friends Kudza-That´s We Don´t Confirm, And The Enemies Are Lost in Power, Kudza You Are Not Empower? It Seems That Your #MonkeyBrain Never Learn, You Have Lived Enough Lives, To See #HistoryRepeatsItself, This Time Hope You Chose Right, This is Your Only Choice Not An Invite, Don’t Wait Until The End, To Regret The Relationships You Were Too Afraid To Have, Better Make Bad Decision Then Non-Decision, Life is An Impossible Mission, How Can You Stay in Silent, if Even The Moon Rises Up To Fight The Dark Light, Without Trust There is No Reason To Continue, We Better Get Our Indecision Right, If You Don´t Catch The Time Now, He Will Catch You in #AfterLife, That´s Time Continuum, Need You To Save My Life.

“Be an Artist of Consciousness, Your Picture of Reality is Your Most Important Creation, Make it Powerfully Profoundly Beautiful”- Alex Grey

Sometimes I Just Really Want To Rip Your Clothes off, And Make You Forget The Stress, You #NeedToConfessWant To See The Real Me? That´s Something To Recall, Save The Best For The End #EightBall You And Me, Close The Door! No More Members, I Will Drive Your Body Through Time, Learned From #TheElders, Have Love You Before, Will Love You Again, Only The Unloved And The Wicked Hate, Kudza Don’t Carry #AnyHate In His Heart, This is Another Loop We Should Always Try Again, I Need Your Part You Need My Part, When I Tried To See The Best in People Went Blind For an All Week, Then I Started #ThinkingByMyself, That´s The Reason I Don´t Fit in, Everybody Dying To Be Like Somebody Else MystiqueTechnique, Is More Easy To Admit! Than To Always Flip Out And Going, Bat Shit Crazy Only To Make a Pointless Report, Your Ex is Probably Out There Telling, That You Never Were is Real Love, You The Only Thing That I Got, Only Boat in My Port, I Go Wherever You Go, Your Love is My safest Transport.

“I Don´t Know Where I´m Going From Here, But I Promise It Won´t Be Boring”- David B.

In One of My Conversation Whit Uncle Boby, He Told Me That ” The Biggest Coward is a Man Who Awakens a Women´s Love With No Intention of Loving Her” I Do Love You, I Already Told And Showed You, Beyond All The Rudeness And Hatefulness, I Do Understand Your Suffering, Love is a Commitment #NotAFeeling, Covering The Truth Makes #TheDifference, Are You a Women For Life Or a Lesson For Life, Whit Whom I’m Dealing With? No Longer Matters it´s Indifferent, Maturity is When You Have The Power, To Destroy Someone Who Did You Wrong, Even So, You Pass The Torch To Life, And Let Her Take #CareOfThem, if You Apply Pressure Into Diamonds They Will Evolve Into Gems, The Struggles You Survive Every Day, Develop Your Inner Force, I Decided Never To Surrender, What Do You Win On Being The Defender of The Remorse?

Most of My Words Get Lost Before They Manifest, #KudzaYouAGuest From The Inside Looking Out I Can Never Explain, Was All of This in Vain? You #KeepRepiting The Lies From Yesterday, The Pain Remains The Same, Do Yourself a Favor! Don´t Remember The Name it´s Lame, Happiness Comes From Within, if You Are Not Happy Single, You Won’t Be With Me, Kudza Ain´t a #EasyWin, I Was Hoping That You Could Learn From Your Mistakes, But You Look So Busy #DenyingThem, My Love is a Language That You Will Never Understand #HateAndCondemn, Too Many Times I’ve Stretched Out My Hand, And Still You Let Me Die, Everything I Felt Turned Into Sand You Wonder Why? You Just Misinterpreted And Misunderstood The Most Beautiful And Magic Thing We Were About To Create, #ImpossibleToRecreate, This Ain’t a Storybook Kind of Love, Release Yourself From The Crowd, Only Stars Live Above, Cause They Release Themselves From #TheProud.

“I´m Not Here To Change Your Mind, I´m Here To Spark it”