Never There

Por KudzaKlan em


This Year I Will Join Enough Money, And Buy a Space Ship, I Really Miss Home, I Just Trying To Slip Over The Time Skip, Hope That I Don’t Miss The End Of Thrones, Traveling From Somewhere To Nowhere, I Keep Bumping Into Space Clouds, If You Ever Find Yourself in The Wrong Story Leave. #RejoinTheCrowds!!! Don’t Be Naive, Love is a #VeryExpensiveGift, If You Are Filling it, Then I Admit it. I Like When The Rain Hits The Ground And Release That Earthy Smell, “Revolution is Not a Bed of Roses” Farewell El Comandante#R.I.PFidel.

I´m Not Lost, I´m On My Way.

Everyone Has His Own Path To Walk, Some Will Try To Change The World, Others Hate And Talk, I’m A Loner, But I Got TheSwag WalkReally Really Want To Show Her, #WalkLikeConer, I Have Been Proud Of Something That, I Did On My Own, And I Stand Strong Like a Giza Stone, I´m a Rebel #KudzaYouDontCare, If I Jump From The Top Of Babel, Will That Stop Your Tears? Need You More Than You Need You, Don’t Trust Easily, So When I Tell I Trust You, It Means That I Will Break The World in Two, Find Nemo And Bring Him To You, Let Me Show You Something Real And Make You Appreciate it, I Knew Before You Knew, That ThekudzaInMe Was Something That We Both #HaveCreatedit

When I Let Go of What I am, I Became What I Might Be. Sun Tzu

From Now On #NatureisMyChurch, There is No Wifi There, But The Connection, is Like Endless Deep Conversations, Listening To Stories Told By Earth Memory, #InventoryofMemories We Should Try, And See as Your Body Will Reply To This New Sensations, Step By Step Slowly Unlocking Your Wildest Darks Temptations, Never Quit, if We Go #WeGoAllNight.

What is Love To You?

Let Me Help You, Love is a Universal Source Of Force, I Have Been Shaking The Sky´s Praying For Your Support, I Tried To Cross it Alone, But Got Lost In Low Orbit, No Longer Able To Explore it, I Lose My Days Wiping Off My Own Tears, Never Thought That I Would Be The One Breaking Down, #KudzaLittleBoy Too Afraid To Fight My Own Fears, I Had Been Lost All Along For You To Found.

Stop Rejecting Everything That You Don’t Understand, Need Your Touch Of Attention, There is No Limit When You Level-up Your Perception, Just Prove Me That Aint´ The Only One Who Can See, Don’t Lose Your Faith in Me, The Whole Gang is After Me (Anxiety, Depression, Loneliness, Overthinking) Can’t Stop Thinking, We Should Stop Competing, Please! Be The Only Positive Thing in My Life #KudzaLowLife.

“The Right One Will Know All Of Your Weaknesses, And Never Use Them Against You”