The Equilibrium Point

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If Life is a Game, Here Are The Rules? To Much People Drowning In Pain, Kudza- Blend With The Fool’s, It’s Painful! How Can I Be Faithful? If Angels Keep Falling From The Sky, At Least You Could Properly Had Said Goodbye, Good-bye! It’s Never Worth Losing Things, That You Can´t Return And By Back, I Wish I Could Take a Step Backwards, And Add Some Extra Words, I Still Believe In You And Me, And Perhaps a Third Little Bird“My Attitude Determines My Altitude”, You Got My Respect And Gratitude. I Heard That, Loving is An Act Of Surrender To Another Person, I Hope You Can Sign This Kedson Declaration, You Might Not Be The One, But You Are The One Who I Desire, My Love is Bigger And Brighter Than The Supermoon, I Just Want To Cuddle While Watching Same Of Yours Favorite Cartoons, I’m Tired Of Falling, Now Is The Time For Rising in Love, Above The Dome in Heaven’s Home.

“If You Are Depressed You Are Living In The Past, If You Are Anxious, You are Living In The Future, If You Are At Peace, You Are Living In The Present” – Lao Tzu

I Left All My Addictions Behind, Never Change Same ill Mind! Church!!! Is Worse Than Rehab, No Longer Sense The Connection That We Used To Had, I Ain’t Mad, I´m Sad! God Has Blessed Us With Logic And Reason, In Order For Us To Reach The #TruthAndWisdom, But Season After Season, The Only Purpose is To Win More Extra Power And Double The Ambition, The System Keeps us Dumb! I Ain’t Done! Stop Trying To #ConvertMyIntuition, Too “Many Gods” In This Plane! They Are All Imitation, Working On Unbalanced Brains, We Are The Lost Generation, Living On The Time Of Great Forgotten, About Us, Nothing Remains.

“If Humanity Wishes To Save Itself From “Bio-Spheric” Destruction, It Must Return To Living In Natural Time” – Pacal Votan

The Bible is Just Another Book Selling Stories, Of Former Primitive Glories, Show Yourself Morphis, I Need The Red Pill, If You Turn Off The Gravity You Will Feel The Earth-shake, Don´t Take a Break Until You Awake, Get it Through Your Head, It is Real, And It is Right in Front of You, #BlindSubmission, Blinding Your Blind View. Why Do You Believe, In What You Believe?

 “I Cannot Teach Anybody Anything. I Can Only Make Them Think” Socrates