Show…The Right Direction

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Kudza is a Very Lazy Hazy Dreamer, #KudzaKrazy is Only Redeemer is When He See Her, is like a Silent Could War Slippin into Fiction, The Door is Open Let Me Explore, The Harmonic Frequency I Can´t Ignore, I´m About To Break The Pact, You Better #ContactTheRestriction´s, This Love is Not Like Filling a Bucket, is Like Starting a Holographic Supra Fire, He May Be Arrested For Traffic, Still He Got The Love You Require, “You Can Lead a Horse To Water, But You Can´t Make Him To Drink” He May Be Everything But, Never a Liar, He Can Only Make You Think, If You Follow The Link, We Can Interlink, #KudzaDeepestDesire.

“Everything We Hear is an Opinion, Not a Fact. Everything We See is a Perspective Not The Truth”. Marcus Aurelius

My Last Trip Just Led Me Into The Library Of Knowledge, Deep Then Solomon, Eleven Dimension Beyond The Edge of Knowledge, is Like Breaking The #CeilingGlass of Space, Going Out Of Space, Put Gravity in Place Replace Her From The Case, We Are All Sons Of God That Makes Us, Small Gods, Follow The Roots And You Will Find The Tree, She Will Be The Key, Everything is Connected To One Purpose, Trust Your Impulse Nothing is Random, This Time Adam Test it First, And Then is Madame, I Just Mix And Twist The Subsistence Of What Coexist And Dismissed Our Real Existence, Most Of Us #AreNon-Existent, You Are More than That, I Only See Souls Not Beauty, Your Love Make My Heart Flat, The Merge of Our Souls is #MyOnlyDuty.

“The Role of The Artist is Exactly The Same as The Lover. if I Love You, I Have To Make You Conscious of The Things You Don´t See” Baldwin

You Didn’t Come From The Caves Or Neither From The Stars, Your Voice as The Melody Of 20/16 Divine Guitars, Your Brain Waves Are Like 17/20 Hackers Debunking Secret Hidden Stories, She Just Elevated My Mind, #KudzaNewTheories, Your Taste is Like a Blunt Blended With Music, Thousands Games To Play, And You Still Playing With My Feelings, #Don’tTrustHer She Keeps On Leaving The Same Feelings Sick #StopTheKilling, You Just Can’t Enslave a Mind That Knows And Values itself, Myself as Absolutely No Desire To Fit In, #KudzaPleaseLetPeoplein.

She Doesn´t Understand How Much She Truly Means To Me, There is An
Untold Story About You And Me, Time To Break Free, I See a Noiseless Pain Behind Your Every Smile, I Have Been Waiting For a Long While, I Just Stole Your Files From The X-Files, I Brought Along Some Others Files, But You’re The One Who Perfectly Match My Style, I No Longer Want You, I Want To Keep You, Treat You Like a Baby #BabyBlue, I Just Found Your Shoe, #SurvivingThrough. Tell Me How You Feel, Still Pending, I keep #WaitingYou.

“Before a Brilliant Person Begins Something Great, They Must Look Foolish in The Crowd”


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Mariana Gouveia · 9 Janeiro, 2017 às 12:51

Gostaria de ser mais participativa em teu site, mas tenho dificuldades com o inglês.
Sinto muito e agradeço sua presença sempre em meu blog.

    TheKudzaKlan · 9 Janeiro, 2017 às 16:23

    Obrigado pelo força, e compreendo plenamente, a sua presença é sempre bem vinda, prometo voltar a publicar textos em português, assim que poder.

    Hasta & Peace
    Join #TheKudzaKlan

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