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We All Have A Dream Because Our Heart Chose That, If Real Art Lives Out Of The Museum And Street Art #ProvesThat,If You Are Not Prepared To Die, You Don’t Deserve To Live” Kudza- If We Are All Alive Thanks To One #CrucifiedSacrifice, It Means That The Bird Reached The Nest. God!!! If You Really Live In Paradise, Why Put Us In a Beta Test? You Keep On Writing In Codes Even Knowing That The Future Is In Stake, Ignorance Is Making Every Person Taking Everyone Else’s Life Even The Phones Have Become More Smarter And Significant Than Others People’s Lives, Surveillance Society Is Growing Because We Fear #InvisibleEnemies.

Social Messages Promoting The Command And The Demands Of The Emotional Sequences Into Emotional Center, If This Melody Sounds Like Felony, What About The Gift of #LookingforStupidIdeas, Downloaded Through Fiction That We Can Debate. The Average Person Education Ends There, Cause The Gatekeepers Don’t Give #FreeKnowledge, You Need To Isolate The Object Because Eventually, Everything Will Connect, My Ideas Are Looking For a Date, Life After Logan!!! Kedson- Bro My Head Is Stressing, That’s I Can’t Relate. Kudza- My Life Is Too Fucked Need a Virgin One, Always Seeking To Pinpoint That #UncomfortableFeeling, Kudza- Why Cops Use Water Gun When They Go Jailing Real Criminal? Kedson- Cause There Is Always None.

“It Is The First Responsibility Of Every Citizen To Question Authority”  Benjamin Franklin

When People Start Asking Question, The Emperor Just Send Them Into The Colosseum, In Order To Keep The #IdiotsPreoccupied, They Steal The Cleverness Over Our Children’s Plate, And Advice Them To Go Clown Online Just To Be Some Other YouTuber Verified, They Look Like Jekyll But Deep Inside We Know That Hyde Is There, Working In OverTime Simply To Find Out That Gravity Is a Bug Theory That’s An #StainNightmare. Through Professional Lies Famous Faces, Stand To Standardize The Population, With The Purpose To Create Mass Produced Models Of Human In Low Bases, When I Start To Question My Sanity, I Go Talk With Hodor And Baby Groot, Don’t Disturb Me, I’m Confused Enough AlreadyI Salute All People That Can Follow Their Own Meraki, Open Yourself And Let Me Live Inside Of Your Body, We Don’t Need Validation About Ours #MissBerevings Kudza Is Ready To Make Everybody Happy Around Him. Kedson- I Only Require You To Let Your Strange Thought Surface Over Your Mind, If The Eyes Are All Black, She Is Not Blind, She´s My Grimm.

 “At The Heart Of All Beauty Lies Something Inhuman” Albert Camus 

I Just Need Your Life Out Of My Business, Why Everybody Wants To Know When I’m Gonna Be Taken Down? If Your Gun Don’t Bag, Kudza Is The Silencer That Gonna #SilenceYouDown, Kudza- I See That Romance Is Dead Kedson You Are Ding-Donging In The Wrong House, You Better Start Fazing Out Through Your Tahiti Moment Cause Mickey Mouse Just Run a #LineOfCoke, If You Don’t Love Me, Nobody Else Will Love You, That’s The Joke That Leads People Into The Mandelbrot Set, Before You Lose Your Mind, Ingest The Suicide Pill And Change Your Audiocassette, Individual Pixels Magnified Into The Infinite, I Don’t Know Who!!! But Someone Is Playing My Game And I Refuse To Complain, Cause I Control #MyOwnAvatar The Imminent Mystery Of The Seven Stars Fading And Clashing Until The Next Stage, If We Only Live To Make Wars, Kudza- I Think Is Time To Get My Megalodon Of The Miocene Cage.

“I Know My Worth. I’ve Paid Dearly For Every Ounce Of It”

If You Name As Light On It, It Means That Our Recollections Are Still #ShiningMyDays, Once We’re All Together But Now, We Are All Attempting To Collide With Our Naronia And Run Out Of The Maze, I Put It 10 Degrees Higher Cause The School Of Life Made Us Forever Friends, Reminiscing The Great Old Days Like Kudza Put Everybody Together, And Let’s #NeverMeetEnds, There Is No Racial Profiling In This Class, We Lived In A Tribal System Without A Tribal Chief, Put An X In This Professors Cause We More Hype Than The Fist Class, Between The Good The Bad And The Worse, We Were The Villains In The Eyes Of Those Left Behind Of The #OriginalBlueprint, We Teach Ourselves To Reverse Feed The Inferior Energies, When It Cames To Options Everyone, Wants To Be Like Everybody Else” So We Give Them The Middle Fingerprint, Memoirs Of The Heart #NeverFadesOut, I Don’t Think That My Past Wouldn’t Work Out Without Most Of Y’all, I Was On My Pale Horse Pursuing A Never Ending Ride, Kudza Lost Himself In The First Year Cause, He Wasn’t Mimic What He Was Seeing Inside.

“There’s No Such Thing As Coincidence, I Say. It’s Synchronicity” Raven Kaldera