Street Trash

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The Best Moments Of Ours Lives Don’t Make It To Social Media, Cause Sincerity Is An Easy Disguise A False Front, Stuff You’re Not Supposed To Figure Out, When The Foundation Is A Lie, Everything Else We #ReadItInWikipedia, There Is A Lot Of Fear Involved In Ideas That We Can Not Mentally Printout, Kudza Is Locked In A Glass Room, Where 99% Of The People Are Regularly Getting Disposed, There Is A Drill Going On, In The Name Of A Two-Faced And #HypocriticalEquality, The Space Weather Is Composed With The Imperfections Of The Crowds Participation, Never Gonna Go Back On My Knees #NoApology’s Everybody Believes In The Truth That They Receive, If It Cames From A Screen Is Not Good EnoughIt’s Only Cannibalism If We’re Equal” Turn This Shit Off And Get Yourself a Sick Leave, Artificial Sunlight For #ThePublicImagination Look… Another Black Comedian On A Dress That´s Freak Comedy.

If They Took Back The Pain They Caused You´d Lose The Strength You Gained”R.Wolchin

 I Know That You Really Want To Believe That I’m Making This Up, But I’m Not, While I Was Examining All My Pictures From Nadira, I Realize That This World Is A #GiantGalacticAsylum, Kudza Do You Have Any Second Thoughts? Kudza- Well I´m Just Living For The Experience Cause I Didn’t Choose To Be Here, Why Some People Are Extremely Afraid To Commit The #CrimeOfBeingDifferent? But They Will Happily Throw Dispear Upon The Heart Of Their Own Kind, Merely To Win A Debate, Nobody Is Innocent!!! This Is Not A Green Vision Of The Future, The Family Bond Has Been Broken But #LoveCanReincarnate, I Hold Ground Breaking Evidence, That The Best Horror Story Was Made On A Monday Morning. Kedson- Bro Stop Procrastinating, You Simply Need To Survive Until You Procreate After That Achieve Your Final Devotion And Life Over, Big Things Have Small Beginnings “A Subject Or System That Will Not Bear Discussion Is Doomed” If Kudza Is My Savitar That´s My Temporal Duplicate Forcing A #HostileTakeover Stop Ignoring Your Feelings, Our You Will Get Project Across Time, You Need To Fix Your Focus And Forgive The Consumed Time.

 Most People Are Struggling To Even Love Themselves, That’s Why There Are So Unkind, I  Look Like Lucious When He Lost Is Cookie, Kedson Need´s a Girl Who Will Understand, That´s There Is No Man As Kind As Him, Kudza Is A #LoverRookie, Cause Close To You, I Feel So Strange, My Hands Be Shaking Like Dr.Strange, I’m Telling You The Reason, My World Without You Has No End Our Beginning, Far Behind The Sun I Located #TheFifthSeason, I Thought There Was Nothing More To Discover, After I Meet With The Plasma Field Region, We Did Not Work Enough On You.. So We Remain On Looking For Our High Pardon, For This High Treason, Give Me Another Reason.  

“Through Action, a Man Becomes a Hero
Through Death, a Hero Becomes a Legend
Through Time, a Legend Becomes a Myth
And By Learning From Myth, a Man Takes Action”
The Government Is Killing Everyone In Order To Keep The Hope Alive, God Bless All The Souls That Toke The 9 11 Plane, By Surprise, Take a Monumental Moment In Time And Terrorize, We All Born As Angels But We Are Forced To Live As Demons, It Only Takes a Flash Of a #SlowMotionMovement For You To Be Out of The Movement, I Have Been Feeling So Lonely That I Began Catching My Own Tail, People Will Hate You, Rate You, Sake You, And Break You, Kudza Is The Ghost That Will Never Leave #MyJailCell, He Is Too Reckless And Irresponsible We Are The Result Of The Problem Cause We Only Live To Raise Hell, God Left You Behind Not Me, Start Forming Your Own Opinion Until You Can Ring The Bell, We Fool The Human Rase, Kudza- But Not Me, In The Beginning Of Time He Toke a Little Time To Implant The Binary Code Into The Stars? #BinaryStars Every Fool Keep On Falling Back Into The Big Bang Big Biological Lie That´s a Big Trap, We Believe So Much But We Never Believe In Ourselves, Why Let The Political Overlords Corrupt Us From Love? I´m Just Trying To Outsheep The Sheeps With This #RebelsThoughts, Kudza- I Will Never Collapse Into The Other Side And Be a Puppet In Their Wars, I Most Certainly Didn’t Come From a Fish Cause I Know Myself, #KnowYourselves.

“The Most Dangerous Heart Disease, Strong Memory” Nizar Qabbani


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