Tears To Snow

Por KudzaKlan em

I Deserve Nothing More Than, This Hell Here I Live, Every Level Brings Another Devil, Day And Day Spilling Blood Like Dante Did, The Easier Way Out is To Let it Out, But Nowadays Every Kid is Forbid To Live Above The Claud, I Want Constant Reassurance, That What I Believe is The Truth, Don’t Tell Me What To Do. Show Me How To Love You #ProtectTheYouth. I Lack Life Insurance, Eyes Are Useless When The Mind is Blind, Kudza You More Worthless, Than Third World Trash, is Better if You Sell Your Organs, And Donate The Cash. #IAlsoHateMe

Three Stages of Life:

1-Birth, 2- What The Fuck is This, 3-Death

If The Moon Was a Door To Heaven, I Could Never Get There, I Have Nothing So I Choose To Pretend That I Don’t Care, We All Know That Life Ain’t Fair, You Took Everything That I´ m And Brought Something Else, I Don´t Even Recognize Myself, You Got Me, Ok! I’m So Lost In Love, That I´m Not Able To Love The Only Thing That I Love, #ParadoxLove You The Thing That I LoveSometimes #IFeelToMuch, I Choose To Don´t Talk, I Wish I Could Walk Until Your Door, Put My Knees To The Floor, Hug You And Cry All Night, Is Too Late To Apologize? I Promise To Warm up Your Bed, Be Polite And Love You Tight.

“Wanting To Be Someone Else, is a Waste of The Person You Are” Kurt Cobain

I´m Ready! #TooLateKudza Want To Forget Everything And Take You Out To Another Dimension, #KudzaIntervention, I´m Your Perfect Pervert, You, My Perfect Person, Teach Me How To Love, Won’t Miss a Lesson, I Thought That I Was, The Wizard of Love #KudzaSolitaryObsession, You Took The Sword From The Stone, I Felt Like I Was Writing Revelation, You Press The Button And I Switch On, You are My Bible #Precious Possession, Some of Me May Die, But That’s The Sacrifice That I’m Willing To Make, Life Run Too Fast, Got No Time To Check On The Brakes, Already Lost The Time Window, Can’t Replace #MyPastMistakes.

 How Much I Love You!

First, I Have To Create 10 Other Planets Earth, Absorb All The Love For Thousands of Years, And Would Still Not Be Enough, /You May Be Thinking, He Says Too Much Stuff, it is All Bluff?/ I  Don´t Lie To Myself, And I Don´t Listen To My Own Lies, #KudzaIslying I Hope That My Words, Can Dry Your Tears, And Bring a Happy Suprise into Your Eyes, When You Need Me, I Will Step Out From The Shadows And #ProtectWhat´sMine, Although it Sounds Complete Absurdity, I Think is Time For You And Me To Shine

Can You Please, Take off Your Gloves While Playing With My Love? I Choose To Bite, Some Poisoned Apples, in Order To Poison This Love, #It’SkillingMe Gotta Call in Some Favours, Cause People Have Been Kind To Me, Got 3 Powerpuff Girls, Love All, But They Don´t Know, if I Tried To Show, My Mind Will Overflow, I’m Only Able To Connect With People That Raise My Vibrations, You Three Combine, I Can Handle Too Much Information, #kudzaNeedMoreConcentration.

“Don´t Miss Out on Something That, Could be Great Just Because it Could Also be Difficult”