The Merge

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Nobody Is Perfect “I Won’t even Try” Romeo And Juliet, Old Reality Effects, I Once Heard from a Wise Guy,If you Have No Critics You’ll Likely Have no Success” My Ego Had To Die So I Could Live, I’m Guilty!I Confess. I Just Stopped For a Test Drive, But Now I’m Getting Back Up Work In Progress! I See Nothing #OnTheGround, So I Turn My Eyes Into The Night Sky, Freedom Is a Bless, When You Don’t Need To Buy Your Own Wife, I Mean Your Own Life.

“I Did Then What I Knew How To Do. Now That I Know Better, I Do Better.”

Everything Good And Great, Stands On The Edge Of Your Comfort Zone#CloseYourEyes For a Second, And I Will Get You #MoreTreacherous Then Indiana Jones, Let Me Prove That This Love Isn’t Just, Another False Evidence That Appears To Be Real, You Took Without Asking, That’s a Steal, But Still! When You Add Value, You Always Get The Reward, Do You Like To Be Ignored? I’ve Got What You’ve Been #LookingFor, The Only Way To Lose The Fear, Is To Explore The Unexplored.

“Hold Fast To Dreams, For If Dreams Die Life Is a Broken Winged Bird, That Cannot Fly.”

I Wasn’t Meant To Love, I Deserve To Be Alone, Don’t Try To Hold On, I Will Give You 99 Reasons To Cry On, Listen! I’m A Wild Beast, With A Free Heart, Take Me Out Of Your List, And Be-Smart, Bury My Memories On #TheGraveyard, Look For Another Spare Part, None Of Us Are Intact, Besides That You Always Act, Like You Don’t Like That, But The Lack Of That Is Making You Think Back, Way Back, #BeyondTheStars, Star Trek! First Touch First Handshake.

At The Time I Was Thinking, I Have To Have, And I Will Have You, Someone To Love, Have Chosen You, Don’t Sleep It Thru, I´m Right Here Right Now, I Really #WantYou, She Always Busy, No Time To Talk Thru, No Time To Spend Thru , Always Passing By Or Walking Thru, No Word´s Will Be Spoken, Two Hearts Have #BeenBroken, None Of Us Are Thugs, But Still Have Been Token.

“A Day Without Sunshine Is Like, You Know, Night.” Steve Martin


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