True Beauty is Within

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Detoxify the Mind, Never Stop the Grind, Start Rethinking your thoughts, Think Again, until you reach the Jackpot, You have Already been to The Sky, So Go Beyond That, I ended My Last Pack, Believe That, I Never Learn Much More, Everything was Fine until You reach My Core, I lost The Only Piece That held All In Place, So I Turn My Room, inTo My Workplace, Now Every Step is like Stepping InTo a Trap Door, Two more Steps and I’m in The Thirteenth Floor.

Why stop Now that You Have gone so Far, I’m Never Lost, because You Are My North Star, I Will Always Come back, My Time is Timeless so Hang Back, I´m Never In Time, I keep on Reliving The Same Timeline, The Droste Effect keep on Misleading the Love, that Was Never Mine, but Ours, Give Me a Chance, And you will be Given Me Super Powers.

“You Have Qualities Only I can Admire Because Most don’t Possess”.

Better You than Nothing, I Have to Stand for Something, My Jokes are Too Lame, I’m Looking for a Way, to Ignite Your Flame, I don’t Want To Play this Game, “Take the Leap“, You only Need to Call My Name, I Never Fall Asleep and when I do, Streep The Rest, I just Undressed My Chest, because Is “too Much Pain To Duck“, I Turned My Heart Into Noah Ark.

You just Earned it, It Was Like a Long Lost Dream, and You Brought It Back to Light, Tonight I Will Take a Bite, From The Next Queen of The Hive, Life Is To Unpredictable, Imagine! “What If You Are Here Today, And You Are Gone Today“, Everything That you Built, Falling Away So “Live Full Die Empty” You Can Take All The Love That’s is in Me.

“You know you’re in Love When you can’t Fall Asleep Because Reality is Finally Better than Your Dreams.”

Do Me a Favor, Please Tell Me How You Feel, I Want To Be your Savior, So I Created a World Here Fairy Tail Are Real, I’m The Flavour That is Missing in Your Meal, I Want To Kiss Your Lips Until You Awaken, Tell Me How you Feel, I Will Go Beyond Liam Neeson On Taken, It´s only Missing You To Become Real, I’m Not Mistaken. Too Many Mistakes Torn To Lessons, I Spend My Time, Plan Planning a Way for God to Bless This Confessions. And You still don´t Believe? That You Are My one and Only obsession.

“Do One thing Every Day That Scares You” – Eleanor Roosevelt


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