True Colors

Por KudzaKlan em


I Have Been Listening To Your Voice in Different Frequencies, #BlueWhaleStyle Only Born With 2 Feelings, The Rest You Introduce Them To Me, Small Sequences of Kurosawa Movement Incorporated in Your Smile, #ArtisticStyle My Eyes See a Perfect Design, When I Describe Her in My Lyrics, She Converts Herself Into an Atomic Mine, Physical Attraction is Common Mental Connection is Rare, My Love is Not My, I Spoke With Kudza And He Agreed To Share, He Said You And I Are More Parallel Than Parallel Lines, It’s Wasn’t Easy Had To Cross The Crossroads, I Even Overthink My Overthinking, Are You The One Who Will #DecodeMyCodes?

We Listen To Reply

You Better Bring in Some Out of The Box #NewWayThinking, If You Really Want To Impress Me #TeachMeSomething, Greatness Takes Time, You Will Be My #SecondCamming Gonna Work On You Full-Time, Don´t Be Afraid To #ShowYourDemons, There is a Hell Inside of Me Got Room From All, Do Me a Favor Pursue The Protocol, Don’t Leave Me When Heaven Calls, Gonna Make You a Goddess in My New Religion, I Cherish The Experience That We Once Had, I Don´t Want To Regret The Miracles of Life #NoOneMad, Bless Me With Your Love And Vision, Nobody Want´s To Be Alone is Sad, It’s Better if We #SplitTheDecision.

” We Are Born Ignorant, But One Must Work Hard To Remain Stupid” Benjamin F.

If You Are Not in Control of Your Life, How Can You Expect To Enter Into Mine?  Need Words And Same Little Action Keep Your Signs, If You Could Feel The Intensity, You Would Know That This Passion is Nothing To Play With, I’m #NotOkayWith, The More You Cry The More Youthful You Look #YourOnlyReaction, I Will Make My Love The Guard Keeper And Protector of Your Solitude, The Only Food That Contains Life, is Made By Mother Nature That´s #SolidFood, Kudza Will Bring Everything Into Perspective, I Know That Unconditional Love is The Objective, Your Individual Special Ability Was Encoded With Encryptions in My Soul, “Happiness Lies Within Your Attitude, Not Within What You Have” #EscapeFromSocialControl

I’m Just Letting Life Living Through Me, The Little Things That Brings You The Most Peace Also Take The Most Time, Need To #FreeMyself From The Toxic People Who Pretend To Love Me, You Can Right Your Wrongs at Anytime, But You Prefer To #KeepTheFakeEmotionsReal, I Ain´t One of The Toys of McDonald’s Happy Meal, Kudza is a Wise Man, I Always Tell What My Heart Feel´s, You Don’t Know What To Do With Me, Cause a Weak Woman Can´t Love a #RealManLikeMe, Don´t Follow The Way I Think or You Will Get Suspended From Your Mind, My Thoughts Are Always Busy But Never Late, You Are Just Another Fine Wish That I Drop Behind, Silly Things Like This Don´t Bother Me, I Let You Win The Debate And Still, You Felt The Need To Humiliate Me?

“Whenever You Feel Stupid Remember, There Are People Outside Looking For Pokemon”

Your Sense of Superiority Make You Think, That You Have Nothing More To Learn, Stop Tripping is Disgusting And Time-Consuming, Pick up Your Emotional Life Fly Away And Don´t Ever Return, My Black Heart Bearly Survive Your Bump Road, I’m Assuming That is Intact, I’m Sick And Tired of You Please! #Don´tMakeContact, Selfish Individuals Aren´t Designed For Relationships, I Don´t Want You Back, Gotta Deal With Missing Me Till You Don´t Miss Me Anymore, I Will Slow it Down, #ReadMyLips, I Lost Most of The Battles, But in The End Kudza Won The War, I Hope You Don´t End Up Has a Backup Plan or a Second Choice, I Take Mental Notes And Save My Voice, Your Face Will Age And Your Body Will Change, Want To Do Nothing And Get Easy Money in Exchange? That´s a Gold Digger Sign! Desperate Women Throw Themselves, And Weak Men Accept The Offer, All The Respect And Good Intentions That I Showed You Decline, To Lie is a #PerfectlyBadIdea Always Me Kudza is The Author.

“The Soul Has No Secret That The Behavior Does Not Reveal” Lao Tzu