Trust Issues

Por KudzaKlan em

My Life is Amazing, Wait For it Even Though I am Depressed, Kudza SaidThink More Talk Less, My Pre-Historic Trauma is Influencing This Quest, Wish I Had Time Bending Powers, And Escape From Your Love Arrest #OnlyStealFromTheBest, Everybody Will Judge Us Every Time, That We Return To This Planet, She SaidI Give Up Too Early! No, I Didn’t! If You Give Me The Chance, I Will Be Bound To You Like Magnet, #IDidHunt! Murphy’s Law Will Show Us No Mercy, We Need To Hurry Up, #Don´tGiveUp We Shouldn’t Date Without a Purpose, Relationship Won´t Heal You, And Being Single Won´t Kill You, I Refuse To Settle With Anything, Just To Say That I Have Something. #NowWeGotNothing

“The Sun Watches What I Do, But The Moon Knows All My Secrets” J.M. Wonderland

I Don´t Know What God Was Thinking When He Created You, If This World is a Dream I Only Dream For You, Kudza Too! Karma is Bad For Those Who Hurt Good People, If I Had To Close My Eyes For The Truth, In Order To Achieve Temporary Happiness, I Would Be The Same as The Bad People, For Me #That´sillegal, I´m Scared That You Won´t Love Me, So I Keep Running Away, Waiting For Time To Pass, Live To #DieAnotherDay, I Just Seek To Divide And Conquer My Small Space, Will Be Hard For Anyone To Love Me Whit My Strange Face, I Try To Look Cool, My Words Are Powerless, That´s Make Me a Powerfull Fool, Want To Love You, Kudza And Me At The Same Time, I Look Like Water of The Rain, Expecting To Clean The Sins of Human Kind, 3 Times in A Row That´s A Crime, Stop Living For Compliments, Only You Can Help Me Accomplish My Accomplishments.

“People Who Judged Her By Her Looks Alone, Missed Her Completely”

I Ain´t Got Shit To Hide, I´m a Young Child! But I Can #SelfProvideMyself, I Tried And She Denied if You Have Something To Say Please! Let it Slide, Pay Closer Attention To The Things, You Are Naturally Drawn To, if My Love Were a Supernova I Would Happily Explode For You#WeKnowIt’sTrue, I Admit! You Are a Masterpiece, And I a Work in Progress, if You Wish Will Put Myself in Fire, To Keep You Warm, Every Piece of Me Will Be Forever Gone, I Won’t Rest Until I Regress The Process, And Emerge From The Ashes Like a Phoenix Before The Break of DawnYou Will Never Be Able To Close Your Heart, For Something That You Don´t Want To Feel, Stop Being a Prisoner of Your Past, is Time To #RevealTheUnreal, The Person You Hide Inside Yourself is Dying Fast, You Say Nothing, But Take Notes of My Every Move, Your Lies Destroyed My Eternal Infatuation, Even So I Have Prove And Improve, Time For Operate This Situation And Look For Another Inspiration #KudzaChangeTheDestination

“Some Are Born To Spread Their Wings, And Others To Spread Their Roots” Jen Fountain